Local Notifications


I am not able to make unity local notifications customizable .
I was trying to change heading still its taking apps name.
Notification Launch image is not changing.
Also how can we change the style of notifications in unity as we do in Xcode?
My code is

var notif = new LocalNotification();
		notif.fireDate = System.DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(10);
		notif.alertAction = "ALERT123";
		notif.alertBody = "Local notification....plzz chk!";
          notif.alertLaunchImage = launchimage.ToString();
		notif.soundName = "zing.mp3";

Please suggest me if I am doing anything wrong
Any help would be great…

I’m not exactly sure how to get the custom launch image working but it looks like you need to add your audio file to the Xcode project after it’s built.