LOCAL Trail Renderer


I am having a little trouble with Unitys built in Trail Renderer.
Is there a way to move the “whole” trail all at once to a new position.

In my game i have to move the entire scene (including most visible gameobjects and cameras) back to the center of the coordinate system. Whenever i do that the Trail Renderer creats a huge line between the last and current worls space position and i don’t want that.

Is there a way to make a Local Spaced Trail or somehow move the Vertices of a trail all at once?
The perfect component would be a local spaced trail renderer (just like local spaced particle systems exist)

Thanks for your help!

TL;DR: 1) trailRenderer.enabled = false; 2) move 3) trailRenderer.enabled = true;

Since the trail renderer has no Pause() function like the particle system i simply recommend to set the enabled property to false, move the object and then set the enabled property to true again.

What you actually do is to disable the monobehaviour (from which a trailrenderer derives) which supresses the automatically executed functions defined by unity.

Hope that works. :slight_smile: