Local Variables

Hello, all. This should be simple and quick. I have a prefab. This prefab has a script that is a timer. The script has a variable that the time of the timer is stored in. The problem is, I will have more than one instance of this prefab, and eery time I instantiate a new one, it picks up where the timer from the first one left off. Is there any way I can make it so that the other duplicates do NOT use the same variables, but keep separate copies of the same variable for themselves?
thanks - YA

Here is the code.

var yellowTex : GUITexture;
private var xpos : float;
private var ypos : float;
private var scale : float = -0.8;
private var scaledelta : float;
private var position = Vector3(-0.002426388,0.205147,1);
private var xdelta : float;
private var ydelta : float;
private var created : boolean;
private var yellow : GUITexture;
var TravelTime : float = 2;
var TimeStart : float = 0.0;
//Beginning coordinates are (-0.002426388,0.205147,1);
//Ending coordinates are (-0.02,0.02,1);
function Update () {
	yellow = Instantiate(yellowTex, position, Quaternion.identity);
	created = true;
	yellow.transform.localScale = Vector3(-0.8, -0.8, 1);
	//calculating x and y positions
	xdelta = ((-0.02 - -0.002426388)/TravelTime)*TimeStart;
	ydelta = ((0.02 - 0.205147)/TravelTime)*TimeStart;
	ypos = 0.205147 + ydelta;
	xpos = -0.002426388 + xdelta;
	//updating position
	yellow.transform.position = Vector3(xpos,ypos,1);
	//calculating scale values
	scaledelta = ((0 - -0.8)/TravelTime)*TimeStart;
	scale = -0.8 + scaledelta;
	//updating scale
	yellow.transform.localScale = Vector3(scale,scale,1);
	if(created == true){
//The timer function
function CountUpwards(){
	TimeStart += Time.deltaTime;

Posting code would help. My guess is your variables are ‘static’? Should not be.

Variables are separate instances by default. I assume you’re using static variables; you should never use them unless you’re sure you only want one instance.