Localization and Addressables not loading on WebGL ?

I want to make a light version of my game in WebGL to make a web demo.

Unfortunately, my WebGL build can not load any Locale. As I understand the error messages in the console, the main problem comes from the Addressables not able to be loaded.

I’m surely missing something in the addressables configuration for WebGL build but can’t figure out what.

I see some other posts with similar problem but no solution who works for me
Did you have any updates?!

I use :

  1. Unity 2020.1.17f1
  2. Localisation v 1.0.0-pre.9
  3. Addressables v 1.19.9

i show you my settings


Hi Karl, I have the same issue on unity 2021.3, addressable 1.21.9 and localization 1.3.2. Can you have a look?