Localization Fallback Problem

I’m trying to use the localization tool and get stuck with iOS deployment.

Let’s say I’m working on a german machine and want to create an app with other languages…no german, no english.

For example I configure Arabic, Bulgarian and Catalan.
And I configure text for a “play” button with:

Arabic = "Aaa"
Bulgarian = "Bbb"
Catalan = "Ccc"

And - last but not least - I set Bulgarian as Default.

When I start the Play-Preview mode on my machine which is german I would expect that the button would show the Bulgarian Specific Locale Selector, because DE and EN were not configured in the app.

And the result is:

OK…But now the problem: If I deploy on iOS it seems that the complete localization does not work because the button shows the dummy text I inserted in the inspector:

and an error message:

ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be
null. Parameter name: _unity_self

What did I wrong?
What is missing?

@whitedrow I guess the problem is with the tool, I strongly recommend you contacting the people responsible for it. Did you get it from the asset store?

It’s a Unity Preview Package:

I haven’t really used Unity’s localization package. Though have you actually followed the Quick start guide?

If you only have trouble in the build game, are you sure that all your localization data is actually shipped with your game? As I said I never used this system, but as far as I know there might be several ways how the actual serialization data can be shipped with the game. As you can see here there are several steps involved when a certain entry is requested.

It’s also not clear how you actually apply the localization. There are several ways to do so. Either with one of the predefined components or manually via scripting.