Localization not working in builds

Hello, I am currently trying to add localization in my games to have 2 languages: english and french.

I followed a tutorial, and it now works in editor mode: I can change language using a dropdown and everything is gravy. But when I build my game, nothing works, and I have error messages in Development build’s console.

Here are the errors when my project starts:

And when I try to change language with my dropdown menu:

I want to add that I only have 2 languages in my project and 2 options on my dropdown, and that my adressable assets are correctly located.

Here is the code of my dropdown menu:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using TMPro;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Localization.Settings;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class ChangeLanguageMenu : MonoBehaviour
    public TMP_Dropdown dropdown;
    public void Awake()

    public IEnumerator coroutineStart()
        yield return LocalizationSettings.InitializationOperation;
        if (LocalizationSettings.SelectedLocale == null)
            LocalizationSettings.SelectedLocale = LocalizationSettings.AvailableLocales.Locales[0];
        dropdown.value = LocalizationSettings.SelectedLocale.SortOrder;

    //Called by a dropdown menu when I change the selection, I only have 2 language in this dropdown
    public void setLanguage(int languageNumber)
    public IEnumerator coroutineSetLanguage(int languageNumber)
        // Wait for the localization system to initialize, loading Locales, preloading, etc.
        yield return LocalizationSettings.InitializationOperation;
        LocalizationSettings.SelectedLocale = LocalizationSettings.AvailableLocales.Locales[languageNumber];

Thanks you in advance for your help.

I fixed it thanks to this article:

I headed to Window->Asset management->Adressables->Groups
And then clicked on this:

Hope it can help others.