Localization package adds Addressables, which adds "android.permission.INTERNET" - how to prevent?

Hi. I’m a novice with the Unity Localization package, but it looks very robust and handy.

I just now integrated it in my build for an initial round of simple localization; I don’t yet use any fancy features or remote hosting of anything.

I noticed that the Localization package has Addressables as a dependency, which is fine, but the Addressables adds a request for Android permission “android.permission.INTERNET”, which I noticed on Google Play.

As I’m working on a kids app, which does not require network connection, I’d like to avoid that permission as a network connection is not and should not be used for anything in this app.

Is there a trick that would allow me to keep the Localization and Addressables packages, but not have the internet permission forced upon my app?

I haven’t really used the Localization and Addressables package, but I’m sure the Addressables package probably ships with an android manifest which requests this permission. Not sure how easy it may be to override / remove this from packages. However this is probably a good starting point.

In case anyone bumps into this: Unity suggested I log a bug about this, which I did, it was accepted as a bug, so it’s possible a future Unity version will fix it so that the Internet permission won’t be auto-added anymore. Until that, the custom manifest mentioned above is the workaround.