Localize string event component keeps resetting

i have a weird issue with localized strings. I'm following this tutorial (https://phrase.com/blog/posts/localizing-unity-games-official-localization-package/) and got the localization of strings working for some default buttons without a problem last week.

This week i wanted to explore this further, but now everytime i pick a string, the component resets to a blank state.

I've tested the following, all without resolving the issue:

  • Try it on a blank canvas with a default TMP text
  • Trying it in a new blank scene, a new canvas and a default TMP text
  • Re-creating locales and/or table collections
  • Reverting to a prior commit where the localization worked
  • Reverting to a commit before i added localization and re-installing everything

In the screencast you can see me picking a string, which is then shown correctly in the component. But as soon as i close the window, the component resets.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unity 2021.3.5f1
Localization Package 1.3.2

Could you try updating to 1.4.2?
You may need to modify the manifest.json file in the Packages folder to set the version manually.
If that doesn't work try changing it to use the legacy selector by going into the preferences.

Hello, thanks for the quick reply.
Updating to 1.4.2 did not resolve the issue.

Could you point me towards the legacy selector? I can't find info on that in the documentation (https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.localization@1.4/manual/LocaleSelector.html), in the player settings or in the preferences.

8677758--1169658--Screenshot 2022-12-21 112255.png

It's in the preferences, not project settings.

I've looked there as well, but there is nothing named legacy selector.

If you mean the search selector, thats already set to classic:

The string search picker. Disable that

Ah, thank you! That's working!

So that fixed the issue?
Could you please file a bug report so we can look into it? https://unity.com/releases/editor/qa/bug-reporting

Hm, i was too eager, it does set the string reference without resetting the component, but the localization in play mode is not happening.

For testing purposes i made a completely new project and set that up.
The error persists even there. I'll try and see if updating to the current LTS version helps.

Edit: The localization not working after disabling String Search Picker was a user error on my end, as i forgot to reset the update string box.

For the issue regarding the component resetting when String Search Picker is activated i'm currently uploading a bug report. This persisted even after uninstalling Unity, reinstalling everything and creating a blank sample scene with one localized element, so i've attached this sample project to the bug report.

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