Localizing iOS Game Center Achievements when calling Social.ShowAchievementsUI

We have already successfully localized all our achievement and leaderboard text using iTunes Connect. And after switching the device to another language, this text shows when viewing the Achievements using the Game Center app.

However, in game when we show the system UI using Social.ShowAchievementsUI its still showing English? (The header text in the UI is properly showing the other language)

We also see English in the Game Center sign-in notification “Welcome back…”. Is this a known issue? How do we get it to display the current device language? (Or is this just a sandbox server issue?)

SOLUTION: The issue was that our XCode project was unaware that we wanted the app to be localized. We created an empty string resource and clicked the localize button in the right tab and added each language which wanted which created localized .lproj files for the project which solved the issue.