Locating proper gameObject to which player has to jump

I am developing a game, in which the player has to jump to a position and look at next position… I have made the positions into gameObjects, and thus now I need to find a way by which the player can locate the right gameObject to which it has to jump and locate the gameObject it has to look at. I thought of using collider or overlap spheres but can’t think of applying it in this situation.

Here I have attached a Image to understand what I want to do more precisely. In this example player has to jump from it’s current position to next position and look at the next to next position.
Hope you shall help me Thank-you!

Just create an array or List of GameObjects. As soon as you jump to your first GameObject

use Distance(Vector3 a, Vector3 b); to calculate distance between player and first gameobject in array/list.

if it is near the player(eg : 0.5f near) then just make player to lookat next Gameobject in array/List.