Location of MonoDevelop's syntax color templates - Mac OS X

So I was creating my own custom syntax highlighting template for MonoDevelop (latest version which installs with Unity 3), when I made a type mistake, and now I can't even change the theme anymore because it trows an error everytime I go to the preferences/syntax highlighting pane, and nothing shows up anymore.

I can't find out where it copies the .xml files on the mac, so i can't delete it from that folder. I have been looking for over 3 hours now and I'm still stuck, it's driving me insane.

If someone knows where those damn .xml files are copied on a mac installation of Mono (the one that comes with Unity), please let me know!

Thanks, Stephane

Wow I finally figured out, after many hours of banging my head against the wall...

So, in case anyone ever runs into the same problem, here's the solution:

First you have to turn on "Show hidden files", then you can access the following folder:


This is where MonoDevelop copies custom syntax highlighting color templates when you add a new one through the preference/syntax highlighting pane. So if you ever install a corrupted theme by mistake like I did, you'll know where to find it to delete it, and you won't have to uninstall and re-install Unity a dozen times :)

In MonoDevelop-Unity 4.0.1 (bundled with Unity 4.6.7): ~/Library/MonoDevelop-Unity-4.0/HighlightingScheme/