Locomotion help - head-spinning like Linda Blair

Anyone know about this Locomotion System?
I have one walk state, one idle state, and one gesture (pointing).
He walks. He idles. No problem.

When I play the ‘pointing’ animation, he points. Then his head spins around like a possessed child. I tried restoring the idle and walk states, but I can’t seem to make it stop. The Locomotion System does not go back to using the walk or idle states, keeps the ‘pointing’ animation it seems.

Anyway, I gotta figure I’m missing something simple. How do you play an animation that is not locomotion-related? I also tried making it a ‘grounded’ animation but it didn’t help.

Found it. Needed to crossfade back to “locomotion”


I’m having a similar problem, but my whole avatar spins on the spot when it gets to its destination using a click to move script…gets worse when it is running…where did you put that crossfade?

Yeah if you could share how to fix this problem with crossfade It would be very appreciated.