Locomotion strange collision and feet placement

When walking with the character, the feet get very bad positions. Somehow the character seems to be at offset from the Character Controller. In Editor

Play Idling

Play Running

Both the Locomotion System and the 3rd Person Shooter example projects show the Locomotion System working - with the same character you are using.

Try to investigate how your setup is different from the setup in those projects. It really is difficult to say what the problem is given just the information you posted, but comparing what you did different from the working projects will maybe let you be able to find out for yourself.

Im having some trouble with the feet placement as well. I would’t call them “very bad”, but they definitely aren’t as smooth as the Locomotion System Examples.

The strangest behavior (that is probably linked to the problem) are the rendered foot markers that “guess” where the characters next step will be. In the demo, they are smooth and stable. However, in my project, they keep flickering, as if Locomotion changed its “guess” every frame, and sometimes, the automatic defined step is too close to the previous step, or sometimes, too distant.

The configuration is (apparently)Identical to the human example in the demo, so I guessing the problem is my model and/or animation. Problem is, I can’t figure out was it is =S

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Checkout “use fixed update” in CharacterMotor.

Sorry my bad english. See image.

alt text