Locomotion System gives errors saying that animation curves are missing

I've set up the locomotion system in a test project before just fine. However, I'm trying to do it with the "Warriors and Commoners" pack from http://www.frogames.net, and having some trouble.

When I try to initialize the locomotion system, it gives me errors saying that the idle animation is missing animation curves for all the bones that I set up in the legs array of the LegController.

Is there an easy way I could fix this?

This error message comes when there are actually animations curves missing for the bones you specified in the LegController setup.

What you can do is this - if for example you get the error:

AnimationClip "Take 001" is missing animation curve for the position of the root bone "ninjaMaya".

  • View the animation "Take 001" in the Animation View of Unity.
  • Navigate to the bone "ninjaMaya"
  • Check if it has curves for the position (x, y, z) of the Transform.

Most likely you will see that the curves are actually missing.

  • Maybe the animation intentionally doesn't have curves for those bones. However, it has to have curves for those bones in order to work with the Locomotion System.
  • Maybe something went wrong with the animation import, if you can confirm that the curves are present in Max/Maya/whatever but not in Unity. If so, this is not related to the Locomotion System. The problem is then "Why are curves missing in my animations after import?" Please post a separate question if this is the case.

If it has curves for those properties in Unity, something weird is going on - the Locomotion Initialization should only report the errors if the curves are missing. Please let me know if this is the case.

Just a little suggestion: try checking "bake animations" in the FBX import settings for your model. It has fixed multiple problems for me more than once, especially when you use some baking optimization options in the source 3D package (due to the differences in quaternion/euler interpolations). Bake basically creates keys in every frame of the animation btw. GL!