Locomotion tutorial 'sneak button error'

I have started the locomotion tutorial, but i'am already stuc.

The basic setup isn't working for me.

before setting up the locomotion system, you must have a working character

Press the Play button. You should now be able to use the arrow keys to move the Hero character around, though he isn't properly animated yet.

But i get the error button sneak isn't setup. But i don't know where to look.

Please help.


That’s the original problem, Sneak is not in your project, for that reason is need create one Input with the name “Sneak”.

The same will happen with Horizontal2, Vertical2, Reload, and Holster.

To create buttons, go to “Edit->Input” and increase the number of entries, after that, select one of them and change its name, for example Sneak, and change it Positive entrie to any key, for example “q”.

Go to Edit > Project Settings > Input, and find your "Sneak" input. This hasn't been setup correctly, so either add values into it, or delete it.

Or you could have just read the error, since it tells you exactly what I just did.

i cant find a "Sneak" input can you make an screenshot from it ?