LOD from one file?

Brand new to unity, Is there a way to maintain LOD models in a single file?

I have a .blend file in my assets folder which updates perfectly with every change I make in blender. ← love that workflow :slight_smile:

I’d like to do LOD from the get go to set myself up for using the same project to deploy to all platforms big and small. The problem I’m seeing is it looks like there is no way for Unity to get LOD from within a file. Only file names.

For blender users, is there a trick to maintain a base mesh and add levels of detail in subsequent .blend files? I know there’s linking and proxies which allows me to sort of do that. One base mesh and multiple files, each with more subserf modifiers and higher res textures on the proxy.

Is there a better way or is that the best I can do?

Yes you can. I use 3DS max. All I do is make my LOD0 model in a layer. Then in a different layer I create the LOD1 model. You must have good naming convection practice for this and name everything accordingly or you will find problems. Import to unity and there you go.