LOD Group on Runtime worse performance than Preset

So I have 700 models with a 4-Step LOD Group assigned to them, each model contains 4 GameObjects with a MeshRender and Filter and they are each named Model_LOD0, MODEL_LOD1, and so on. The Mesh Renderers are not assigned to the LOD Group. To do that I use one of this two methods:

  • When the LOD Group is manually configured before Runtime (By manually assigning each Renderer from the Editor), I get 115 to 120 FPS.

  • When I configure the LOD Group via Script during Runtime I get 50-55 FPS. (Which is less FPS than having no LOD Group at all for some reason). The Script only assigns the Mesh and Material to the MeshRenderers/Filters, and then it assigns the Renderers to the LOD Group.

Both LOD Group values are Identical and they both behave exactly the same. But there’s a 50 FPS difference. The only real difference that I can tell is that the materials of the “from Script” LOD Group have a “(Instance)” text next to their names.

I want to always configure the LOD Group from Script, so I’m kinda stuck right now. And I can’t find any mention of this online.

The Scene is empty with no other scripts or models around.

Thanks for the help.

Found the solution! One of the materials had GPU Skinning ON, which for some reason Unity didn’t like. By turning it OFF I suddenly got back the 50 FPS missing,