Log-In not working / name change since migration

Hi guys,

It seems that since the migration from SO to OSQA I can no longer log into my account and the name seems to have changed from Joshua to Joshua 3. Any suggestions on how to fix this and get back into my account? :s

Right, I had a chat with the guys who actually host the site. For all users experiencing the same problem: you can email support@dzone.com explaining the email and they will reset your password and mail it to you so you can enter your account and change it back again.

It seems the problem is that the Gmail OpenID code is based on the website, the Gmail account and the username. If your username get’s changed - because the new system does not allow duplicates to exist, hence my namechange from Joshua to Joshua 3 - the OpenID will no longer work.

Hi Joshua. I’m sorry that you’re having problems. In Qato, all users must have unique usernames (unlike SO). How did you attempt to login as Joshua 3? It looks like you have a password set on your user and also have a GMail OpenID associated with it. Either of those should have worked. Did you try with the username “Joshua-3” instead of “Joshua 3”?