Logging into a different account in Asset Store?

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I am having a bit of a problem, I have two Unity Asset Store accounts, a personal one and one I share for the Studio I opened;

The problem is that since I installed Unity 5 the built in Asset Store in Unity Software will not have any option of logging out, and when I log into a different account in the Asset Store Website it doesn’t change it in the Software so I’m stuck on my personal account while I need to buy an Asset for my Studio’s account

How do I log out of Unity Editor’s Asset Store?

Apparently the button for logging out was there but it has an habit of bugging out;
You that are reading this answer, you will see just an arrow on the right of “Language” but nothing happens when you click on it

Close the Asset Store, Open it, when the Asset Store is loading mash your mouse on the button before it closes again into a small arrow and it should open the Account Menu, allowing you to Log Out

Alternative fix,
if the drop down menu doesn’t appear when clicking that small arrow

  • Maximize the Asset Store window
  • Click small arrow, Now drop down is visible