logging into Unity Answers

Right now I am logged in using my google account, but I already have an account with Unity Forum. I have used the Unity Forum account to login numerous times before, but now it will not let me. How can I login with my account I already have on here when it doesn't let me enter my username or password. I am currently logged in to the Unity Forum site as well, and it has been able to read the login state before so I only needed to click one button here to get logged in. I was last on here on September 16th so I am not sure why it has changed or why it is not letting me sign in with my already created account. Please help.

I had to click the "users" button at the top of the page, search for myself, recover my account, and associate a new OpenID.

Very annoying, hoping it's a bug, but it works for now.

Edit: I also deleted all Unity3d-related cookies, as I was having similar problems on the forum.