Logging to the console evey millisecond

I am trying to log a variable to the console every millisecond so that I can see how often said variable is changing. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this, any provided assistance would be very helpful.

If your variable is a field, you could wrap it with a C# property so that when it is set, it logs a message.

private float myVar;
public float MyVar {
    get { return myVar; }
    set {
        myVar = value;

How are you receiving data from the Wii fit board? Does it have a threaded callback? Then log your variable in there. If you are polling in Update, you can only log once every update call, roughly 16ms. You can also create a UI label to display the value every frame to see it changing. Alternatively, in Visual Studio there are conditional breakpoints, which you can set to trigger only if something specific happens. You can also attach the debugger and monitor variables via the watch window, but I’m not sure how often this gets refreshed, but probably only when you manually refresh it.