Logic For Creating a Zuma-Like game

Recently got an internship and they gave me a task to make a zuma-like game.
This game uses alot of maths and im not very good at it .
Can someone Guide me in a direction where i can make a game like this But with less math, ty =]

You can Give Path To your balls with helping Of some Youtube video you can easily find (By Searching :-Follow Path in Unity>>Splines are Awesome!!! - YouTube)
-Add script to your ball Attach all the ball in a list which is in other BallManager script
-Make int index in Ball Ball Script
-Make Logic to Shoot Ball by Player
-When player Shoot Ball If Material is diff You can add that ball in index of Collision.gameobject.getcommponent().index
-When material will same you can Get ball by cheking Collision index + 1 if true index +2 By using For loop
Same as index-1 ,index-2 with for loop if color was diff you should breck; and after finding all that ball you can distroy it
-also you can instantiate Random ball by Using Random.Range function
-you should use some logic to give rendomness
-and The Ending Point of the Path you can set a collider and give Logic to loss
-To Win you can set Counter how Many Ball in the game

  • I know writing is easy than apply logic to game
    but if you can enough knowledge of Unity And c sharp you can do it . It’s not that much hard just calm down and make to do list for your game just like upper But more clear than mine
    -that game Not required to much math just use Plugin and some tutorial

I gave up , but thanks for the reply.