Logitech G29 not detected in Unity only in Logitech Gaming Software

I have a Input setup based on the Logitech Gaming SDK from the Asset Store, I tested the package with my development environment and everything went fine using the G29 Racing Wheel, I can see the inputs from the Logitech sample script and my Input wrapper works fine, but, once I built an executable from my project and went to a production environment.

The same Racing Wheel ( exactly the same object used in development ) didn’t work with the project, and upon further investigation running Unity 2017.3.0f3 on the production environment I found that the wheel wasn’t even detected by Unity, only the Logitech Gaming Software detects it

Unity does detect the wheel as a joystick and I can use the inputs without the SDK ( But as the wheel only uses a few degrees to report full steer when not using the SDK, I can’t just use the generic input )
I already tried reinstalling LGS and also checking the scripts from the SDK, even the demo application that comes with the SDK from the official Logitech site can’t connect to the wheel

I can’t really pinpoint where the problem is because of the nature of the DLL from Logitech

Do someone know how to solve this or at least how to know what the problem really is?

hey did you find the solution?