LogoQuiz with Unity

Hi there! I was wondering if Unity would be a good tool for a game like LogoQuiz. I mean is to expensive(memory, resources, etc)? I want to develop a game like LogoQuiz for Android, and i am not decided what tool to use(Unity, Eclipse, Xamarin).

P.S. Sorry for bad english :smiley:

It depends on how comfortable you are with programming languages, unitys take on javascript (unityscript) is quite simple to grasp and well documented. Unity itself provides a user friendly interface and an ease of use which provides a sense of comfort in your surrounding. As a result, Unity would be my choice of preference, although this is simply because I have used it quite a bit and find it very useful, whereas I haven’t had much exposure to eclipse.

Saying that, if you have done android programming in the past and feel comfortable with it, go with that as it will be familiar to you. It’s all down to creating an environment that you feel comfortable with yourself. Perhaps you could even make a very basic program with both and decide on which one you prefer from that :slight_smile: