long 2D Unity.Sprite based animation in Unity

how would you animate in unity very long cutscene? our problem is, that animation interface is very slow, when there is lot of keyframes in it, however we need to animate in unity, becase there is no suitable solution for animating sprites and 3d objects together

any ideas? practices you use to be able to animate in Animation window?

thanks in advance

I ran into the same issue.

Our workflow is mainly based on Aftereffects. We can use very complex effects and filters there. Unfortunately these effects can’t be simply ported to match the Unity ecosystem.

The workaround is to render animations to single pngs and use these in Unity. This is no problem since the animations are short (up to 300 frames). On the other hand things get unhandy when animationlength increases. How would you animate a longer sequence, let’s think about 1 minute (= 1800 frames)? Should i use videotextures?

I think you could make very long animations using the animator tool. In the animator window, where you can record, clicking the right arrow you can increase the time and the frames… I think to infinite :slight_smile: