long image doesn't look clear

I am using a image (960 x 10240). That image doesn’t look clearly on Android phone.
I just dragged the image into the Hierarchy area. That’s how I use images.
I guess that’s because the image is too big. I’m not sure though.

Before, I used another image (960 x 3840) and that image was as clear as it is.
Should I use smaller images for better look ?

Images (as well as many other types of assets) in Unity are used not as they are, but imported with some settings. The imported version is used after that.

So for images Unity has a limitation of 8192 width or height pixels maximum for images.

You can set it in importing settings. Just find your image in project view and setup import setting using inspector.

Take a look at Asset Workflow manual pages, they can help you a lot. :wink:

Also I would like to notice that there are limitations on image size 'cause large textures can significantly impact the performance of your application. Consider splitting your image in parts.

Check the image’s import settings. An image that large might need a larger “Max Size” for importing.

Curious though… Why do you need such large images?