Look at face normal?

I am going to make a racing game with a winding track. I’ll need a way to have a gameobject follow the camera and look at the normal of the polygon of the track below it and face it always. I know you can use the lookat function to have a object face another object but is there any way to have it look at a normal underneath it? I need to have the gameoject always look at the face and be parallel to the face underneath it at all times. Thanks in advance

EDIT: Well Its going to be a hovercraft racing game and the way I’m thinking of doing it is. Having a gameobject look at and face the ground below the car, then have the car constantly lerp to that gameobject up and down and orient to it so when the track goes in other directions it can be always parallel to the track and it will seem like its hovering. When the track does a vertical loop or something raycasting down from the gameoject the orients everything it will most likely not hit the track underneath it because its going in multiple directions.

Take a look at the Transform.Forward function

Why don’t you just set it up like a car, just with hidden tires?