Look at target...is the target Destoy?

hi, i have a question in this time… How can i detect the destroyed object in scene and guide the camera look att the destroyed gameobject position, while camera look at the gameobject, the cam do the rotate in Y axis, what script should i make???

You could have a coroutine in the camera script, and call it to make the camera rotate around some position:

// camera script (let's call it RotateScript.js):

var offset: Vector3; // define position relative to the object position
var speed: float = 35; // rotation speed in degrees/second
var turns: float = 1; // how many turns around the dead object

function RotateAroundPos(pos: Vector3){
  transform.position = pos + offset;
  var angle: float = turns * 360;
  while (angle > 0){
    var a = speed * Time.deltaTime;
    angle -= a;
    transform.RotateAround(pos, a);

Add this code to the object script:

function OnDestroy(){
  // call the function RotateAroundPos in the camera script when being destroyed

This way the object itself will call the death camera when it’s dying.