Looking at object and becomes brighter?

Okay so I’m making my game and i got opening doors and pick-up-able objects, and i want now let’s say on doors, when i come close to them they start to glow on the edges like you selected, i have script to go to doors and then open them with mouse dragging, and i want to make when i go close to the door they start glow and the text says “Drag mouse to open doors” and same for objects but for objects to also glow but not with mouse, i got pages to pickup and i want to make them glow, if you understand what i mean, thanks!

Please read about shaders: Unity - Manual: Shaders

Try manually changing the shader on your door in the editor to see how it changes appearance.

Once you find a shader you like, you’ll have to write a script to change the door’s shader whenever you approach or leave.

You’ll use Physics for collision detection: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/Physics.html

When your character approaches the door, it will send an OnTriggerEnter event, and an OnTriggerExit when you go away.

In the OnTriggerEnter/Exit routines, set renderer.material.shader. The shader name can be tricky, as it uses the folder structure where the shader file is located. Example:

void OnTriggerEnter() {
    renderer.material.shader = Shader.Find("Self-Illumin/Specular");

you can use collision detection. detect collision with door, once you get door in collision detection find the door is open or close, and regrading it show the message on the screen.

very easy task :slight_smile: