Looking For A Good Level Modeler.

So I have been using Blender 3D for objects like weapons, bullets, objects etc. and has been working fairly well. But I find it extremely hard to make levels in. So what I like to know is whether or not there is a 3D modeler with level building as it’s sole-purpose or just easy to make levels in.(I know worded very well right :P) also I have two problems(There big ones I know.)it has to be free, and I SUCK at modeling so it would probably have to be very user-friendly.I would also like to know what you use for making levels. well that’s all.I thank you for your input!

I’m fairly certain that’s all Unity is. A level builder.

Sorry but I have a non-free (yet cheap) alternative, only for Mac OS X.

Cheetah 3D - Mac OS X - $99 as far as I recall.

I went from knowing nothing about 3D modelling, to making almost professional looking models with just a few free tutorial videos and about a week of learning and making all the models.

I hope that helps, good luck.