Looking for advice to create a dynamic, right to left, scrolling platformer

I am working with my sons to create our first Unity game. We have the idea all mapped out, and the first major challenge is dynamically creating the level.

Our game is going to be similar in style to Jetpack Joyride, where a character starts on the left of the screen, and then progresses to the right. Our character will not fly, but walk along the ground and be able to jump and climb over oncoming obstacles.

What I want to have in Unity, is an infinite (until the character dies that is) right to left scrolling map/level/scene, generated by code using a range of preset sprites/tiles.

I’ve searched, and the only thing I can find that’s close is this video that’s 11 years old!

It talks about using a mesh which is then dynamically generated as the player moves along.

But the video is 11 years old… so i’m wondering if this is the current approach. I just need some pointers in the right direction. Unlike the video, I don’t need to generate a smooth surface, my level will be built from a range of blocks. The player won’t be able to move backwards, so the generation only needs to work from right to level, and the map can be forgotten as it passes through the camera.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Maybe you should check out some Flappy Bird tutorial. It uses the same idea. The player doesn’t move but rather just jump. The obstacles come to the player and it looks like the player is moving left to right but in reality the obstacles are moving right to left.

If this is your first time using Unity I highly recommend this video:

It’s a detailed explanation for this type of games.