Looking for Code that will Read JSON files (C# code)

I am looking for code in C# that will allow my unity game to read and use data from a JSON file. This will be used to create and edit objects in my game. I have been advised to use JsonFX but I haven’t been able to find a C# version of this. I should add that I am new to coding so I would love any advice/explanations. Thanks!!

You can try SimpleJSON at Unity wiki. According to the description it reads data better than writes it, but it looks like you need reading only.

As a side note - I don’t know what kind of data is stored in the file you’re going to read, but despite the fact that JSON is a ‘standard’, it’s good to do some tests. Just to be sure that parser can properly work with that data.

Use the JsonUtiliy to parse objects directly. Don’t use SimpleJson it’s horrible (And not simple)