Looking for Guidance re: Remote-Hosted Addressables

I’ve been implementing addressables on some small sample projects, and while I’m able to successfully build addressables outside of the shipping build and access them locally, I’m struggling to find any documentation or examples of the actual structure of a remotely deployed addressable bundle on the server.

I wanted to check a couple of assumptions:

  1. When you provide a URL as the RemoteLoadPath in your addressable settings (i.e. www.myurl.com/[BuildTarget]), the client will search for all files by their actual names, i.e. www.myurl.com/Android/groupname_subtype_guid.bundle
  2. Only the .bundle files should be required on the remote server, and not catalog.json, link.xml or settings.json.

My main issue is the struggle to find a remote service that will allow me to make files available via the URL format described in point 1. I will continue looking for such services if someone can confirm that the above assumptions are correct.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @DanMcElroyHuuuge Late answer, but I’m investigating this myself. My understanding is that you absolutely need the catalog.json and catalog.hash in order for the system to recognize when a new asset has been added to the server. This allows Unity to request those bundles with more recently built timestamps. I have been using Amazon S3 for my tests and I am almost confident enough to move forward from the research phase and begin a larger prototype phase.