Looking for someone to help me with my project one on one.

I’m making a platformer runner game. I’ve only been doing this for around a month. Some of the features I want to add I can’t find tutorials. We can talk about cost and stuff on discord or something. I’m just an artist coding confuses me. I’m a visual/hands-on learner text tutorials just confuse me.

Features I want to add:

  • Fix issues with The Player clone. I
    need The Player already in the game
    for the game to run. So I have an
    invisible player and a Player that
    spawns in from character select. I’ll
    explain better later if you help me.

  • A level up/progress bar. When you get
    to a certain level unlock characters
    and cosmetics.

  • Item shop, collect coins in level use
    to buy cosmetics. (I have a basic

  • A High score system, get a better
    score by, having a fast time,
    collecting coins and killing enemies.

  • Heart counter changes colour
    depending on what character you pick.


Hi @GlarkerGames , I’m an artist too with a BFA from Iowa State University - in my home State in the US and got into programming a long time ago when I discovered computer graphics. I was mostly self taught at the beginning - I did go on to do almost all of the courses in a Computer Science degree program (all except an Operating Systems course and a Hardware course). So, I know what you mean about being a visual hands on learner!>

Since then I have worked a professional programmer, and an instructor and a teacher. I got into Unity in 2013 as a part of my last teaching position at a government university in the UAE - which I left a little less than a year ago - where I taught, among other computing courses, Unity coding and game Design in a Multimedia/Information Technology joint degree program to, how do I say it, “educationally challenged” students - university students who for the most part had little prior experience in the basics.

I have also done a lot of my own Unity game programming, though I haven’t specifically release any games. I have worked on quite a few large projects and have several things I am working on right now.

I have not worked on an endless runner type game but I have helped a couple of my previous students do one, so I understand the underlying concepts and coding strategies.

So, I’d be happy to help if you are still interested - there might be one consideration, and that is the time zone are you in - currently live in Lebanon (my wife is Lebanese), in GMT+3, so it may limit the time we’re both available.

If you are, send me an email at Streetwalker.dreams@gmail.com with maybe a little introduction about yourself, and we can go from there.