Looking for way to get sensor data from Wahoo KICKR directly to Unity for desktop game.

Zwift is one of the VR exercise game that able to directly connect their app in desktop/mac from the bike equipment including Wahoo’s brand. Given API by Wahoo site are only for IOS, Android (.aar file), and cloud platform. Been looking for ways to get it done directly in Unity for desktop platform.

I have tried to use the simple BLE connector (GitHub - adabru/BleWinrtDll: BLE for Unity 3d in Windows without UWP.) in Unity, I can detect the Wahoo KICKR, however, it does not shows the right UUID based on here: WAHOO FITNESS EQUIPMENT PROFILE - PDF Free Download. Not sure If its require the small hardware (Wahoo Fitness Announces GymConnect: Treadmill integration & control | DC Rainmaker) or not.

I might able use the back-end method using the android API (android>server>desktop). But to mitigate the accuracy issue, it is best to get the data straight from the focused platform - desktop.

Any suggestions or answers from anyone would be a great help for my research. Thank you in advance.


I’ve got an email from one of the Wahoo dev, says:

You can use the Bluetooth FTMS spec to
communicate with the KICKR 20/18/CORE
and BIKE Please be on the latest
KICKR firmware.
Fitness Machine Service | Bluetooth® Technology Website

I’ve tried to find the right UUID (aforementioned above) but still nothing. I don’t really know much how to communicate using Bluetooth. Any Idea on how do I start with this?
Thank you in advance.

@SyafiqBahrin I’m facing a similar issue. Can you please post a more detailed solution. Cheers

Did you end up moving forward with a game? Much as I like the Wahoo Fitness app and Zwift there are definitely days I’d enjoy more of a ride around blow stuff up type game. I haven’t tried GTABike yet but do plan to.