LookRotation is upside down?

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the canon of my turret


The idea is that the Canon follows the player, which is basically working, but the canon points into the air, but should face to the player.

Ok, so Code is pretty simple, basically it’s just

    var lookRotaiton = Quaternion.LookRotation(_target.position - _nearestTransform.position);
    _nearestTransform.rotation = lookRotaiton;

whereby the Player is represented by “_target” and “_nearestTransform” is the Canon.

Any help is appreciated!

Well, the “forward” (blue) axis does point at the player as expected. It’s your model which doesn’t point along the forward (z) axis. The usual solution is to use an empty gameobject as “new pivot”. You would parent your actual model as child to the empty gameobject. This allows you to use LookRotation / LookAt on the empty gameobject and have it face it’s forward axis towards your target. You just need to rotate your model (which is a child of the empty GO) locally so it is aligned with the parents forward axis.