Looks like I having new problems with unity collider...

Hi All please,

     I having a problem persisted that my main character cannot collide with the boundary collider which I set to limit its' movement beyond the game. Wondering why are the collider so easy to passed through while it's meant to set as blocking the characters?

Also having said that if the main character moving too fast will just pass through the set colliders so is that a persistent bugs?

My game are a top down action game but my player are kept passing through the boundaries collider any help could I get from ya all?

Why why why???


My guess is that you move your character using position.x += speed at a per timing interval. If possible try to use transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * Timne.deltaTime * speed) instead in your update function. Also, make sure that either your player or the walls have a ridgid body, otherwise no collision can be detected.

Hmm I got this problem fixed by changing various rigidbody value not sure if I asked is ok but I still managed to solved this so no biggy hahaha.