Looping Music and more

Is there a way how to add music to a certain environment and play on loop. Until the character dies ? and a way to add a different environment for certain characters: e.g, Cleopatra plays in the Egypt environment. When Alexander the Great is unlocked, his environment changes. Is there a way to do so. Also how do you add cars and trains that drive? (and logs) and randomly generate as you go along with the environment ?Thank you for your assistance

If by environment you mean different biomes I would recommend putting a box collider that covers the entire biome and make sure its a trigger then whenever the player enters the biome… OnTriggerEnter()
play a certain type of music and when they leave that one stop the music and enter a new play repeat the same function

If you don’t know how to set it up in a script let me know and I can make it :slight_smile: