Looping through vector3 list slow

So today while messing around in Unity I ran into something that I thought was strange. I have some code that generates a list of ~40k vector3 points along with some other things that is blazing fast. I know its fast because when I just have it print the size of the list to the console it happens almost immediately after I hit the play button. Now when I loop through the entire list and have it print out each Vector3, it takes much longer.

My loop is set up as such…

foreach (var vert in verticesList)
    print("Vertex " + ind + ": " + vert.x * 105 + "," + vert.y * 105+ "," + vert.z * 105);

Any advice on why this increase run time by so much would be very much appreciated.

Printing requires a complete stack trace for each line (for debugging purposes) - that is a very slow operation. Don’t print it and the loop will be fast.