Losing sprite quality when load .png from url

Hi everyone. I have problem with sprite quality after load png file from url.
I use this code to load and set sprite on Image

private IEnumerator RealLoadImage (string url, UnityEngine.UI.Image imageView) {
			if (imageCashe.ContainsKey (url)) {
				if (imageView != null) {
					imageView.sprite = imageCashe; 
			} else {
				//Call the WWW class constructor
				WWW imageURLWWW = new WWW (url);  
				//Wait for the download
				yield return imageURLWWW;	

				//Simple check to see if there's indeed a texture available
				if(imageURLWWW.error == null){
					if (imageURLWWW.texture != null) {
						//Construct a new Sprite
						Sprite sprite = new Sprite ();     
						Texture2D image = new Texture2D(imageURLWWW.texture.width, imageURLWWW.texture.height, TextureFormat.ARGB32, true);
						image.SetPixels( image.GetPixels(0,0,image.width,image.height));
						image.filterMode = FilterMode.Bilinear;
						image.alphaIsTransparency = true;
						sprite = Sprite.Create(image, new Rect (0, 0, image.width, image.height), new Vector2(0,0));

							imageCashe.Add (url, sprite);

						//Assign the sprite to the Image Component
						if (imageView != null) 
							imageView.sprite = sprite; 
					Logger.LogError("Error to load img with url - " + url);
					// делаем image прозрачным 
					imageView.color = new Color(255,255,255,0);
				imageURLWWW.Dispose ();
				imageURLWWW = null;
			imageView.enabled = true;
			yield return null;

and get this result

But, if I download this png file manual, move on resource and set this file on image, i get this


Why so big different with this sprites? And how get smooth sprite on dynamic load?
Version Unity 5.4.0f3 and last version 5.6 get this problem too.
Thanks a lot)

I’m having the same problem, and I couldn’t found any solution yet, anyone can help with this?

image.filterMode = FilterMode.Bilinear;

Still no answer? I have same issue after 4 years

Me too…
Does anybody have new ideas?