Losing the gravity physics when stopping

Hi there!!

The project I’m currently working is not my first Unity project but this is the first time I ask anything here. Now I’ve started working in a ball-labyrinth moved by an accelerometter. The problem is this:

I’ve developed a provisional way to move the stage with buttons. Those buttons just move the stages rotation.

But the problem is about the ball. When the ball falls into the stage, I can move it properly by rotating the stage, and everything goes okay… unless the ball stops. Once the ball stops seems to lose its physics (if I lift it the ball “floats”), and even the stage breaks through the ball when I move it. For this reason, I must give to the stage an starting tilt of 1 grade, because if I let the ball stops (or start sttoped), my game’s over eheheh.

I hope my explanations have been good enough. I would swear that is not any scripting problem because I haven’t develop any specific physics script for the ball yet.

Thank you so much in advance,


Answer was given in comment. Here is a short review.

Might be related to physics sleeping. Some object go to sleep (i.e. physics is not calculated anymore) when they are not moving. But normally they are awaken upon collision or when forces are applied to them.

You can force a rigidbody to awake with Rigidbody.WakeUp. See RigidbodySleeping for more information.