Lost all my work from a power outage

I need help recovering my lost work. I went to save my project however right as I pressed save my power went out. When the power came back I opened my unity project and all of my work from the unity scene and hierarchy were gone. I’ve tried looking for possible ways to fix this but I couldn’t find anything.
In the console I received 2 messages, both related to “Unknown error occurred while loading”.

Important note: I am on an older version of unity, ‘2019.4.31f1’, since I make content for a game using an SDK running on that version of unity.
Any help would be great.

This is why you should be using source control, something like Github. It’s free and easy to use.

If it’s corrupted the file, it’s corrupted. No magic will fix it unfortunately.

That’s why you need to save your work and push to repository, use Gitlab instead of Github as it offers 5gb of free space instead of githubs 1gb. Easiest IDE for unity to work with git repo is jetbrains rider, just ctrl+k and done.

I am sorry to say that when unity crashes for any reason if your scene is not saved very thing will revert back to the way it was during your last save of that scene. the project folder is directly written onto your computer’s storage so it none of that will be lost. however whenever you click on the play button it will save a temporary scene file in ProjectFile/Temp/BackupScenes there you will find a file that will have some crazy name. if you change the name to the name of the scene that you last tested your game in and set the file extension to “.unity” and replace your scene file in the assets folder with this new scene file it will update your scene to the last time you entered play mode in that scene. however i am only sure of the reliability of this method when there was only one unity scene open when you last clicked the “enter play mode button”. i would recommend saving a duplicate of your project beforehand if there are any scenes that you want to want sure to preserve. i hope you can get your work back!