Lost in translation... and by that I mean coordinate systems

Screen space, ViewPort space, World space, Local space, Clip space, Object space, Pixel space, Head space, Sub space…

My god, I see so many different space types/coordinate systems and I am confused. Beside World and Local space the manual isn’t really making it easy to compare the differences between each.

Hell, I am not even sure which ones actually exist or are just the wrong term at the wrong place. Is this real life? (dont you dare tell me subspace isn’t real!)

Personally I am interested in Object, clip, screen and view (viewport?) space in the context of shaders… What does it look like? ie.: Is object space the same as local space? How does the pivot location affect those coordinate systems? ie.: A sprite with the pivote located at the bottom (centered).

I feel like there is a lot of bad info out there and a complete list and explanation of all coordinate systems used in unity would help a lot of people.

Something like this graph would be awesome:
alt text

Thank you for your help!

Google is your friend :

alt text