Lost XYZ arrows in Scene View Unity

I have lost my AXIS in scene view and having trouble proceeding ahead with it. On Top right there used to be an XYZ axis which somehow by mistake got disappeared.


Press W

You are in 2D scene view (little highlighted ‘2D’ icon), so the axis are not displayed. Just click on the ‘2D’ button to go back to 3D view.

Not the issue here, but if anyone happens to have a similar issue, try checking if you’re using ProBuilder, be sure to be in object mode, otherwise you won’t be able to use transform tools.


Try clicking on the icons in the top left. Read the Unity manual page for Transforms to learn more about manipulating objects.

If they have frozen as just two arrows right click the square in the center.

I also have this problem sudenly i lost the icon on the top rigth

I’ve just had this issue - an option to look for if you’re a noob like me is check the selection type at the top of the scene view. There are 4 icons that select object, vertex, edge or face. Choose the object selection mode and that did the trick!

I Too Cant My Find Arrows It WOrked fine in 5.6.0 Unity But When I Updated Unity to 2018 and above i lost my XYZ Arrows and even the Probuilder Gizmos also Look Terrible

I had this issue, and it was due to prefabs somehow working with LOD levels in play mode. Exiting playmode brought the arrows back

XYZ arrows faded and not working when I open a new project ( I’m in 2D view (very new to Unity).