Lost years of work

decided to start new project and everything was going fine, when i was importing assets, it was going smoothly and all of the sudden, it said it was “out of memory”!!! so i got rid of the new project and went back to the Morbid project and every thing when wrong… my terrain lost its data and all shapes and models went purple and in the select bar all my placed objects appeared RED!

what i think it means by being red is it cant find the information so my theory is that i need to Re-import all my assets because i still have all my assets but; its not showing up in editor, im HIGHLY sertin that it simply just cant find the data, so amusingly if i re-import, it will fix itself? but im not sertine and i dont want to get it even worse. BTW i think it somehow progressed, because some objects went blue but then fixed themselfs letar. but it slowly got bigger.

You need to use version control software, even if you’re working alone.

My suggestion would be to back up your project right away (which, I’m sure you can appreciate could have been a good idea to begin with).

After backing up your project folder, try the importer again. At that stage, there’s nothing you can really lose :slight_smile: