Lots of questions!

  • I know it sounds dumb but do you need to download unity to open a game made by unity?
  • Also in the free version of unity does unity put its logo in there (at the start or something)?
  • If you purchase the pro version will it get rid of the logo?
  • Am I allowed to charge money for a game made using Unity?
  • Can I purchase the Pro version and convert my normal (free) unity project to Pro?


  • No. Unity will create a standalone executable or a web player. The web player plugin needs to be downloaded by players, but that happens automatically.
  • Yes, the free version has a Unity logo at the start.
  • Yes, in the pro version you can remove the logo.
  • Yes, you can sell you Unity game. Even if it was made with the free version.
  • Yes, you can upgrade your project from free to pro at any time.