Low Android performance / Render.TransparentGeometry gets 90%

I’m trying to run my game on android and it’s getting less than 10 fps,tried to search everything abouth sprites shaders but nothing resolved my problem.

My game has a PlatformController gameObject that have children,each child is a 2D square sprite with box collider attached like this:

When i run it on PC i can get 60> fps,but when i run on android device (MotoG3) this happen:

I know that is something about sprite rendering,but i’m new here and i searched a lot about this,but nothing really changed,if someone could explain why this is happening and how to resolve ill be glad.

So,i figured it out,it was about unity version. I was using 3.5.0,and for some reason it has problems with rendering on mobile phones,so i just updated to 3.5.5 ,and now my game runs at 60 fps