Low Fps in a simple game

Hi everybody,
I’m a newbee in Unity 3d and I’m making a simple game. I’m gonna link you a video where I show you my game. It is made only by simple PRIMITIVES… Cubes, Spheres etc… And when I start it, it has got only 6 Fps … The only “heavy” things in that game are those Leds you can see of differents colours (Green, White and Orange). They are a simple cilinders with a self-illuminated material (with Alpha to 50) and I attached the Glow effect to my main camera so every object with an Alpha different from 0 will glow. That’s all. Nothing more. Do you think that the problem of my low fps is the size of my game? It’s big… if you see the range of my MainCamera you will notice that my map is a lot longer than the Camera’s range. Indeed when I start the game I cannot see the end of the map. And there isn’t any script with “while or for” cycle… so this doesn’t depend on scripts. What do you think about this? Sorry for my English and thank you all! Here it is the video:

some more info:
Main Thread. 206 ms Renderer: 4 ms
Draw call:61 Saved by batching:586
Tris:87k Verts:160k
Used Textures: 13 - 2.7MB
Render Textures: 3 - 10.2 MB switches:5
Screen: 1382x910 - 14.4 MB
VRAM usage: 24.6 MB to 26.6 MB (of 0.99 MB)
VBO total: 676 - 2.0 MB
Shadow Casters: 0
Visible skinned meshes: 0 Animation: 0

About my pc I have 4GB of Ram, an ATI HD 6870 and a Phenom II… So it doesn’t depend on my pc :S

At the end, this is what happen using the Profiler:


It seems that the “Others” is the problem but, how to fix it?

okay so it’s definitely due to the lighting. something is happening with the processing of the lighting and the glow effect.

Unity says:
The Bloom image effect gives greater control over the glow but has a bit higher processing overhead.

I think that glow effect is made for sparse usage example to make sunrays, to cover entire windows etc, you can read about in wiki. using that many of them is a bit cheeky!

What you should do is look for different unity shaders that has been written to glow, I have seen “planet shaders” which have that kind of effect, just look online for unity glowing shader. great level by the way.