Low FPS in editor when moving any object

So a month ago i installed Unity 5 on my new laptop, but i can’t use it because whenever i move an object in my scene, the frame rate in the editor drops to 5-15 according to the profiler.
My scene is 2D and just has 2 game objects, each containing a sprite. I’ve tried to move an empty game object, but the problem is still the same. If it can help, i have a Nvidia geforce gtx 980m and an intel core i7. I can provide a screenshot of the profile if needed.

The profiler also gives you information about what takes time for each frame. Look at pikes in the timeline and click on them. You will see all top functions sorted by their process time.

Right now the profiler tells me that it’s the rendering that takes too long (73 ms), but sometimes it’s the scripts. I’ve already contacted the Nvidia support to know if my GC had any problem or if i could allow more ressources for unity, but apparently everything is fine.