Low FPS on empty scene

I create a simple 2D game with with 8 or 9 objects in scene ! then add a force to sprite but sprite movement looked lagging . then I checked FPS and saw that it is 40 to 55 !!!

After that i create new 2D project with empty scene and Build it . I expected that FPS stay at 60 but unfortunately it was between 48 and 60 .

I’m testing on android device with high performance and for additional info other apps from play store with unity engine and complex graphics and the FPS stay at 60 …

PS. I’m using unity 5.2.0f3 .

Try disable Antialiasing in Quality Settings. Usually this is a problem. Alternatively try disabling other options.

Ok The problem is solved !

After update to version 5.3.3f1 the fps problem gone :slight_smile:

so it’s a bug on version 5.2.0f3